Creating much less hazardous choices to cigarettes

Cigarette smoke has pure nicotine, whether you are using the classic cigarettes (ειδη καπνιστου) or cigars (πούρα )a natural constituent in cigarette consisted of in cigarette boxes (ταμπακιερα ), and also lots of harmful chemicals. These contaminants– not the pure nicotine– are the primary cause of smoking-related conditions. We are establishing alternative items to cigarettes, which have nicotine and supply an acceptable taste to current grown-up cigarette smokers, but without the smoke.

We’ve focused on two means to do that, both of which get rid of the burning (combustion) of cigarette. The very first is to warmth tobacco to produce a tasty nicotine-containing vapour while dramatically decreasing the levels of unsafe chemicals in the vapour. The other way is to create a nicotine-containing vapour without utilizing cigarette. As well as this is just the start.
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Warmed Tobacco Products

With extensive r & d, we have actually managed to produce two advancement warmed cigarette items which both warm cigarette in an unique means.

Thanks to advanced electronic devices, our Tobacco Heating Unit (THS) heats up particularly prepared and combined cigarette to just below 350 ° C, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke. This creates a flavorful nicotine-containing vapour, releasing real preference of heated tobacco. Considering that there is no burning process, the degrees of damaging chemicals are dramatically minimized compared to cigarette smoke. This is what makes this smoke-free product extremely appealing to smokers, with numerous consumers currently having made the button.

The heating system works with 3 main components, a cigarette stick, an owner, and a charger. The consumer simply inserts the cigarette stick inside the holder, where it is heated up by a digital heating blade. The consumer after that draws on the cigarette stick. Once it is completed, the consumer removes the stick from the owner, and also it can be gotten rid of safely in a waste container. When required, the consumer charges the holder by inserting it into the charger.

Our various other heated tobacco item uses an alternative source of warmth to extract tobacco flavours and also nicotine from cigarette leaves. It is carbon-heated as well as looks and also feel comparable to a cigarette, without being one. The carbon heat resource at the end of is fired up. Warm is then moved to a distinctively refined tobacco plug. The customer puffs on the item to breathe in a flavorful nicotine-containing vapour up until the end of the experience. The trademarked design protects against the cigarette from burning.
Platform 2: TEEPS
Products without Cigarette

We are also developing 2 product platforms that contain pure nicotine yet not tobacco. These tobacco-free products create a nicotine-containing vapour in clearly different methods.

One product platform heats up an e-liquid including nicotine and flavours with an electrical heating system to produce an e-vapour. This platform consists of various e-cigarettes that are presently available in the U.K., Spain and also Israel. It also includes our future generation e-vapour product.

The home heating technology of this ingenious product makes use of a metallic mesh with little openings to warm a pre-filled, pre-sealed e-liquid cartridge that contains pure nicotine and also flavours to create a vapour. It additionally features puff-activated home heating and a low-liquid degree detection system that guarantees the consistency as well as top quality of the vapour produced and also inhaled. These renovations address the present worries of grown-up individuals of vaping products in regard to top quality, safety, uniformity, as well as origin. We introduced a city examination of this platform, together with 4 brand-new one-of-a-kind e-liquid flavour offers, in the U.K. in November 2016.

The other product system is created based upon innovation that we obtained in 2011. Products in this classification replicate the feel as well as ritual of smoking without tobacco as well as without burning.Unlike an e-cigarette, this item creates a nicotine-containing vapour in the form of a nicotine salt. When a customer draws on the mouth item, a chemical reaction in between pure nicotine (a weak base) as well as a weak organic acid takes place to generate a vapor consisting of nicotine salt.