Benefits of semi permanent nail polish

Manicure is a necessary cosmetic treatment in almost all females. Certainly, when it concerns painting the nails, there is not only a choice, but we can choose between semi-permanent and typical. They are 2 prominent options, but each has its own benefits and negative aspects.

Right here are several of the benefits of a semi-permanent manicure (ημιμονιμα βερνικια) vs a typical manicure:

The semi-permanent lasts longer.: semi-permanent manicure lasts longer than regular manicure. It is approximated that it can last approximately 3 weeks in excellent condition, compared to what a regular manicure can last (a few days). This means you will not have to bother with needing to leading layer every couple of days.
The semi-permanent is a lot more resistant: One more advantage of selecting the semi-permanent is that it is extra immune than typical manicure. It’s less vulnerable to damaging, fading or cracking, which suggests it’ll look as good as brand-new and professional for longer.
Considering that the semi-permanent lasts much longer, it permits you to save time between manicures: There is no question that the semi-permanent manicure needs less time and effort than the normal manicure. This is because it lasts longer and you won’t have to worry about reapplying polish every few days, saving you effort and time. Along with investing less item.
It is much better for nail wellness: Taking care of your nails is extremely essential and the truth is that a semi-permanent manicure is gentler on your nails than a normal manicure. This is not by coincidence, but rather due to the fact that the enamel is used in thinner layers and lasts longer, so they don’t get as weak and remain more powerful and much healthier.
More impressive results and designs: Another information that I truly like concerning the semi-permanent manicure vs the typical one is that there are effects and designs that you can place on your nails that are not offered with the typical manicure. This would certainly not be feasible in typical, given that holding out for such a short time is ineffective.

As you can appreciate by their benefits, the semi-permanent manicure uses countless benefits contrasted to regular manicure.

Typically talking, it is more durable, resistant, calls for less maintenance time and is taken into consideration a better choice for nail health. If you are looking for all these benefits, currently you know what to select.

However why, in spite of whatever, do lots of people use the typical one? Primarily, due to the fact that it is simpler to remove and the applications are faster, since you do not call for a drying lamp or items as details as semi-permanent nail gloss, which are likewise generally a little a lot more pricey.

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Do not forget to make use of nail gel (gel νυχιων) for your nails (νυχια )also.